Fresh Bagels is a blog created by a few friends (looking for more to write so hit us up) to pretty much blog about whatever we feel like. Most of our posts are related to sports, television, music and just general observations of life. Some of us are 9-5 cube monkeys, and some are still in college, we’re just normal guys ranting about our favorite sports teams or that annoying person in the office who just wont shut up. Fresh Bagels was created in February of 2016 and each month has been better than the last. So whether you wandered over here from Reddit, Twitter or Facebook we’re glad you decided to give our website a read, hopefully you’ll come back! We don’t have much of a plan for the site other than to keep writing and creating interesting content that we would want to read ourselves. Next time you find yourself aimlessly browsing the internet killing time remember Fresh Bagels Blog, we’d love if it you paid us a visit again.

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