Beyoncé at the Grammys

Yesterday was the 2017 Grammys and despite the growing sentiment that they are irrelevant in today’s day and age, it was watched by approximately 26 million viewers according to some guy named Nielsen who figures that out. It is a celebration of the year’s greatest musical achievements and there are usually some great performances and collaborations. Today, everyone is talking about Beyoncé and rightfully so. She took over the Grammys with her performance of “Love Drought” and “Sandcastles”. Yes, that awful, drawn out, over the top and ostentatious performance immediately got people talking. I don’t want to come off as a naysayer or negative Nancy just because someone is so influential and powerful. I’ll admit that I am a fan of Beyoncé and despite my different views of her political rhetoric, she has that right and she should be able to use her platform to influence change. I just think that she may be getting into that territory where she can say or do anything and people will take it for the work of a genius.

Beyoncé is not a God, she is an artist and she should be praised as such. Her performance however, makes it seem as though she’s the center of the universe about to give birth to the reincarnation of MJ and Pippen. She wraps herself in gold, sitting atop a table while everyone else seemingly waves their lives and souls at her. She then starts to lean back in her chair and please forgive me, I know she’s pregnant but in the smallest part of your existence, if you didn’t want her to fall off that chair you are holier than Jude Law himself (Young Pope reference). I didn’t recognize either song so that definitely didn’t help the situation, but nevertheless it was over acted, over dramatized, over sung and over done. We get it, you are pregnant and the queen of pop. You are rich beyond my wildest imagination and an advocate for both women and minorities. You still are not entitled to the world bowing at your feet.

She accepts her award by reading off a card plated in gold, matching her elaborate gown. Adele, after winning best album for her work on “25” even has to acknowledge the living immortal. It was nice of Adele to give her the shout out but it just all seemed over the top butt kissing to this Mother of the World. We all need that push back to reality sometimes. Mine happened just recently when I successfully unleashed some Katy Perry to the fellow gym goers when the cord slipped out of the headphone jack. We all need to be humbled and Beyoncé, you are no different.

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