When the Boys are Back in Town

Once you are handed your college diploma and sent out into the real world, everything changes. There are the obvious ones – no more school, getting a job, being an “adult”. But probably the most serious is the amount of time you spend getting drunk with your friends. In college and even high school, this was 100% done weekly. Afterwards? There will be an initial period where everyone tries to hang on to this reckless lifestyle, but time catches up to all of us and these festivities start to become rarer and rarer. Work, significant others, family, “summer diet” – there is just a lot of shit out there that will stop you from getting the crew together and tying one on. But everyone once in awhile the stars align and everyone is ready to shake of the cobwebs off and get after it. For me, that night is tonight. The gang is getting together for a shit-show.

A day like this I find it hard to sleep in, like a little kid on Christmas morning. Sure, I won’t actually start drinking until at least the afternoon – but when you are going to see all your friends and get drunk for the first time in a while you don’t want to waste a moment. The best course of action is to accomplish any and every bull-shit adult task on your plate, like the gym and food shopping, to allow for a totally care free night and hungover next day. But I would be lying if I said I wouldn’t be snap-chatting dumb shit to the squad mid bench press because my mind is only on one thing – getting wasted.

Yes, getting drunk is really fun. There is no denying that. But as with anything in life it is the company you are with that makes it worth doing. I can (and do) drink by myself or with the lady friend quite often. These are very enjoyable evenings for sure, but sometimes you just need to let loose with the OG crew and reminisce about the good old days. You need to aggressively pester your single friends to do dumb shit. You need to steal some jackets, spray some beer, and get in terrible dance circles with the people you enjoy most. And tonight – I am going to leave it all out on the ball field.

My Sunday hangover will be absolutely terrible, another sign that I am not in college anymore. I will 100% be on the couch all day, possibly hugging a toilet at times, and will have a shit ton of Advil and Tums standing by.  But I am not only prepared for this – I am kind of looking forward to it. A solid hangover is the truest sign of a good night, and knowing the crowd rolling into to town in a few hours there is no way it isn’t a good night. Getting older isn’t always the most fun or glamourous thing in life, but nights like this are a reminder that no matter how old you get there will always be things to look forward to. Nights to enjoy, people to rip on, and beers to drink. So for anyone out there who feels in a rut, needs a night out, or just wants to get drunk with friends – this one’s for you. Text the group-chat, set the time and place, and wake up nice and early the day of to get your mind right. Cheers!

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