How To Get Through the Final Shitty Days of Winter

Welp, we hit it. We have officially entered the dark ages (months) of the year where the air is cold, the sports all suck, and waking up to go to work feels more difficult than ever. We have been flirting with this period for a few weeks, but the NFL playoffs and ultimately the Super Bowl have kept our collective hopes up. With the Patriots mounting their amazing comeback to remind every city not named Boston they suck – we can officially raise the white flags and admit life pretty much will suck for a month or so. But we have to fight our despair and try to find the good in the world! What good you ask? Well, let me tell you…?

Presidents Day Weekend
I mean, is it the most exciting three day weekend of the year? No, not by any means. Sadly it is probably the worst – but like pizza or sex a bad three day weekend is still pretty awesome. Maybe go hit a mountain and shred the gnar? Or veg the fuck out on the couch and catch up on all the television shows you’ve missed (Westworld, Taboo, Young Pope, Stranger Things.. the list goes on and on). ┬áNo matter how you spend it the extra Sunday to drink heavily and Monday NOT spent at work is certainly something to look forward to.

The NHL and NBA
Anyone who has ever frequented FreshBagels knows I am not the biggest NBA guy, however in times of need if thats what fills your sports fix get all up in the boring exciting, only last 2 minutes matter drama filled, and no underdogs parity filled league. For those with more brain cells and higher standards for sport – the NHL is also running hot right now with young kids and playoff pushes all over the league. The bonus of these two is there is a game on almost every night, so it can easily get you through a slow week.

You Can Get Fat
When the calendar turns to March it is officially time to start worrying about your summer body again… but until then? Eat anything in sight. The slow and dragging final weeks of winter are the best time of the year to go full blown fat ass and enjoy no one seeing you naked. So dial up that Seamless, pick up that 6-pack for a Tuesday night, and don’t even bother walking in the cold to the gym. Healthy living can wait until we change the clocks again.

Start the Countdown to Memorial Day Weekend!
Yes, the best thing to do in these cold and shitty weeks of February is to look ahead on your calendar to a happier and warmer time. A time when coworkers care less, the sun doesn’t set until 7, and the general mood on the streets is summer time cheer. While everyone always tells you to live in the present, there is certainly some value in making plans and looking forward to the official kickoff to summer. So put a countdown in the phone, start an email chain with buddies to fire up the plans, and keep your head up in anticipation for a better time. I promise, it isn’t as far as it seems!

Only 107 days left!!!

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