The Good Life

This is Part 1 of a recurring FreshBagels Series – “The Good Life”. Check back each week for more installments and let us know how you like it down in the comments! 

I awake around 8:30, with the sun peeking through my broken blinds. It is another beautiful day outside, and what should turn out to be another beautiful day for me. With a quick stretch and pit stop at the bathroom I shuffle to the kitchen to heat up the Keurig and throw some eggs in the frying pan. After the eggs are perfectly fluff and my bacon extra crispy, I move to my table and begin slowly sipping my coffee. I ponder what my day will entail, as it is just so full of possibilities. Today marks exactly 1 month since money stopped being a worry for me, and as always I am going to make the absolute most of it.

After breakfast and a quick cardio session down at the local park, I am back in my living room strumming a few chords on the old acoustic. While dabbling in the craft of guitar playing during my working years, or as I like to call it the B.H. (before happiness) era, I never had enough time to devote to practice and always landed up just a notch short of respectability. With no boss to report to or cranky coworker to appease, I have slowly learned the instrument and can rock out for an hour a day, every day. In the middle of “Faith” by George Michael, my phone buzzes. The retired crew down at the course just made a tee time for 11 and want me to fill in the 4th slot. After glancing at my calendar, seeing nothing scheduled for the rest of the week, I give them the thumbs up emoji and get ready for another wonderful round on the course.

A few hours later I am back in my kitchen opening an ice cold beer. Golf was predictable, mid-90’s with plenty of strokes left out there. But knowing I will likely be back on the first tee a few more times this week, it is hard to feel anything other than inner peace. I kick back in my decades old recliner that has my butt cheeks perfectly grooved, and fire up the TV to catch up on the latest HBO series. The clock reads 3:20, and after tossing back my beer I begin slowly drifting off into my afternoon nap.

At 4:30 the TV wakes me up, apparently the main character didn’t have a silencer on his gun and his latest murder was incredibly loud. No worries, napping past this time always feels like a mistake anyway – every day since I stopped worrying about money needs to be seized. I take a nice warm shower and slip into my favorite pair of sweatpants and running shoes, and am off to meet the usual gang for happy hour. Unfortunately for them, they still worry about money and have to stay at jobs they hate. They didn’t realize that following your passions and simply doing what you enjoy is the best way to live. Back at the dungeon I used to call “the office”, people routinely told me that the key to life is finding what you love and pursuing it. Even better was the millionaire guest speaker who said that whatever you would do if money wasn’t a worry is likely your dream job. With those blessings I happily gave in my two weeks’ notice and began this new blissful life.

Having arrived at happy hour early, as I am prone to do now, I saw my friends walk in wearing their sloppy button downs, slacks, and exhausted faces. After a few jabs about my fresh tan and improving physique, the conversation turned to where it always does. “Dude, is this some type of quarter life crisis?” Corey asked. “How are you not evicted from your apartment yet, you have to be running low on cash by now” Steve added. “Have you even called Jessica? I can’t believe it took her a month of this nonsense to dump your ass” Ron pondered. “Guys, guys, relax.” I said, kicking my feet up onto the empty chair next to me. “I don’t worry about those things now. I am just following my dreams – I will surely find a way to get paid for my passions soon enough.” After some hesitant looks around the table, Steve broke the silence by raising his glass. “I don’t know what the hell you are planning here, and I can’t responsibly say I approve…but I’d be lying if I said I’ve never seen you happier. So here’s to you man.” I tapped everyone’s bottles and threw back my beer, celebrating what turned out to be another perfect day. “Next’s rounds on me” I said with a smirk.

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